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XeroPoint Hybrid Brochures

The following brochures (PDF) describe how XeroPoint Hybrid is making an impact around the world:


The XeroPoint Hybrid system combines diesel and electric power on the same shaft line. A motor-generator (a single machine that can act as either a shaft motor or a shaft generator) and a diesel engine are able to drive the shaft independently or together. Auxiliary diesel generators meet the requirements of hotel and drive shaft motor loads.

XeroPoint Hybrid

XeroPoint Hybrid Vessel Profile

AKA’s XeroPoint hybrid system is proven to reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and enhance operational performance.


XeroPoint Hybrid Vessel Profile

Hybrid Projects

An overview of some of our current and past XeroPoint Hybrid projects.

Hybrid Brochure Cover Image

Hybrid Leisure

As the marine industry strives to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and meet emerging environmental standards, hybrid propulsion technologies are getting a closer look from vessel operators around the world.

Hybrid Leisure