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Design Approach

XeroPoint Hybrid Marine Propulsion

Design Approach

New Builds and Retrofits

The XeroPoint Hybrid system is applicable to both new builds and retrofits. Starting with understanding the owner and operator's goals and the vessel's duty cycle, we consider the entire vessel operation, as a complex integrated system. 


Determining a Vessel's "Xero" Points

Duty cycle analysis involves finding the most frequent load points (Xero Points) in a vessel's operational profile and designing specific power plant configurations around these points. The conventional propulsion design approach has been to optimize around a single load point at or near maximum power. The illustration below shows both conventional and hybrid design points.


System-specific Design

The hybrid design team focuses on vessel-specific requirements to eliminate system inefficiencies, delivering significant fuel and emission savings. We will work with your team to assemble data; by using existing data or by measuring power levels directly. AKA's hybrid team performs an operational profile analysis of the vessel to determine if adopting hybrid technology is a viable solution, preparing a complete analysis and business case before you commit to capital spending.