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deviceTRAK is a unique configuration management tool that, Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) has developed, utilizing a plant, system and functional hierarchy for ease of use. deviceTRAK is populated and used as the software "vault" to contain the installed versions of all programmable device configurations for the installed system. Source code is then available for modification via a "check-out" system where all configuration updates are tracked and recorded.

Along with acting as a software "vault" for programmable device configurations it provides all required support material for maintenance personnel. The deviceTRAK support documentation contains a detailed list of all programmable devices which require unique and specific configuration information to function as an integral part of the overall system. The documentation also provides information on the device itself including its location and its parent sub-system and system.

The deviceTRAK configuration management tool:

  • Creates a hierarchical link between the hardware (schematic) and the software;
  • Promotes discipline on the way that configurable device information is managed, and stored;
  • Captures system specific configuration data including interface auxiliary tools and software, for every programmable device; and
  • Controls a device’s configuration file(s) by managing changes, storing and protecting revisions, and insuring the current version is always readily available.