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DP Closed Bus\Ring Operation

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DP Closed Bus\Ring Operation

AKA Designs and Provides:

  • AGP (Advanced Generator Protection)
  • IPD (Intelligent Power Distribution)
  • ATCAP (Advanced Thruster Control and Protection)

These technologies are enabling technologies to facilitate DP3 closed bus operation. AKA is the world leader in the delivery and development of these systems.

AKA was the first company to successfully carry out live short circuit testing on their system with a successful and predictable outcome.


Why Run Closed Bus

Operating a diesel electric or hybrid system in close bus configuration provides many benefits over operation in open bus configuration.


  • More reliable system: Less impact on propulsion capability on worst case failure modes than in open bus (as long as design is correct);
  • Reduced fuel costs: System uses less fuel than the same operation in open bus configuration;
  • Reduced environmental impact: System produces less emissions;
  • Reduced maintencance costs: Number of diesel operating is based on load, so less diesels need to be running;

Potential Disadvantages:

  • If the system design does not consider all failure modes as well as potential hidden failures, common failure modes may exist or develop through the life of the vessel.
  • If the system does not follow an autonomous design concept and is complex and has many interdependencies, it becomes difficult to consider all failure modes and hidden failures.


Where Closed Bus Makes the Most Sense

Operating in a closed bus makes sense on any multi-bus system where many operations result in diesel generators being lightly loaded in open bus configuration.

Vessel examples:

  • Cruise ships
  • Ice breakers
  • Work boats
  • Pipe laying vessels
  • Drillships and Semi-submersibles
  • Research and science vessels
  • Navy vessels
  • Heavy lift vessels
  • Cable laying vessels


How to Operate Closed Bus

If a vessel is a good candidate for closed bus operation then it is important the right solution is used to ensure the system utilizes autonomous, simple and robust design. This ensures potential disadvantages are not introduced to the system.

To operate closed bus, AKA provides the following design solutions for a marine power plant:

  1. AGP (Advanced Generator Protection)
  2. IPD (Intelligent Power Distribution)
  3. ATCAP (Advanced Thruster Control and Protection)


Why AKA is Your Best Solution

  • AKA, closed bus ring technology is the simplest and most robust system in the world.
  • AKA has abundant experience in retrofitting from open bus to closed bus on over 30 ships/rigs and has performed over 7 independent live short circuit tests.
  • With AKA’s close bus design and products, AKA’s integrated system can survive the live short circuit tests required by DNV class. AKA’s blackout to recovery period is around 20 seconds only.
  • Because of AKA’s unique autonomous design topology, AKA can guarantee continued performance throughout the life of the vessel, including providing the 5 year short circuit retest if required with a performance and price guaranteed. Other systems are not robust enough to ensure this level of performance.
  • AKA can provide the full power and propulsion system, integrate multiple suppliers hardware or retrofit the AKA system on an existing installation.
  • We have over 1GW of closed bus and closed bus ring installation around the world on over 40 MV power plants.
  • Talk to us we can do it.