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Hybrid Configuration

XeroPoint Hybrid Marine Propulsion

Hybrid Configuration

The XeroPoint Hybrid system is comprised of a diesel engine and an electric motor that independently or simultaneously drive a propulsion shaft.

The XeroPoint Hybrid system configures the most effective power and propulsion options to meet the needs of the vessel’s operation. The multiple system configurations also provide redundancy by offering alternate sources of power to the vessel.

With only the diesel engine providing power, the electric motor acts as a shaft-driven generator providing power to meet the vessels hotel loads. Auxiliary generators and electrical storage (optional) provide power for propulsion through the electric motor during electric or diesel-electric modes of operation.

Using the following modes of operation, the XeroPoint Hybrid energy management system greatly improves a vessel’s efficiency:

  • Strictly electric: Power provided from electrical storage (i.e., batteries)
  • Diesel-Electric: Power provided from auxiliary engines
  • Mechanical: Power provided directly from main engines
  • Mechanical-Electric: Power provided from main engines and the motor-generator