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Installation Services

Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) has expertise in installing large complex electrical and automation systems in many areas of the world that provide unique challenges to an installer.

Preparation begins before a system in shipped to site. Drawings and documentation defining functionality and the interfacing of the system to other installed systems are prepared. In many cases a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is witnessed by our client before a system is shipped. The FAT demonstrates that the system performs its specified functions. By demonstrating functional performance prior to shipping a system installations costs are minimized and troubleshooting is focused on site conditions.

On site, cabling drawings and lists derived from drawing data designating the termination of each cable simplify installation and reduce cabling errors. When installed in depth commissioning tests are done to determine that the system and its components are operating as anticipated.

After the system has been installed and commissioned a customer acceptance test is witnessed to demonstrate that installed system meets the customers expectations.

Every step of the installation project is fully documented and provided to the client shortly after completion. Parallel to this process we can develop additional documentation to help operators to maintain the trouble free functioning of the system throughout its life cycle.