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Integrated Documentation System (IDS)

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Integrated Documentation System (IDS)

The Integrated Documentation System (IDS™) is a fundamental component of Aspin Kemp & Associates’ (AKA) engineering process. The IDS™ provides a complete documentation package that fully details the engineering scope of supply and details the integration of all vendor equipment.


  • Reduces the system-learning period for personnel;
  • Enables quick identification of system components and access to their appropriate information;
  • Provides access to any system document from any PC or laptop;
  • Permits self-serve on-site support during installation, commissioning, and operation.
  • Translates technical information into user-friendly documents.
  • Delivered as custom branded products designed to meet our client’s style guide requirements;
  • Archives programmable configuration files; and
  • Reproduces documents in their original quality, as required.

The functions of all devices are described from a technical and operational viewpoint, with respect to their operation within the system. The content is structured to reduce the time it takes operational and maintenance personnel to familiarize themselves with new systems by providing quick access to the information required for troubleshooting. This allows personnel to identify any physical component by using its device number and access the appropriate area of the documentation to find more information.

The final documentation package of a system references all supplied equipment. It provides systems operational philosophies, operation/maintenance manuals, technical specifications, parts lists, drawings and schematics, and systems software.

AKA’s IDS™ documentation product provides a fully integrated package of installation-specific content.