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Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada is our center for engineering, research and development, testing, fabrication and manufacturing of electrical power and control systems.

Manufacturing is a portion of the full integration package we offer. Our manufacturing is driven by unique construction plans and documentation, presenting the technicians with detailed guidance on connecting and assembling the systems. Each system's manufacturing information is derived from its specifically engineered system drawings, producing a very controlled and precise process. The information is exclusive to the system while the manufacturing process for all systems remains consistent. This makes technical knowledge transfer from engineering to plant personnel straightforward and concise while managing the quality of our custom systems.

The result is:

  • reduced errors in design;
  • increased efficiency; and
  • device information tied directly to engineering drawings

Power and control systems are not manufactured anywhere else to these specifications. Our process is based on exclusive intellectual property designed and engineered by AKA.

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