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Results and Testimonials

XeroPoint Hybrid Marine Propulsion

XeroPoint Results and Testimonials

A study conducted by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) provides third party verification of the merits of hybrid technology. The study compared the hybrid tug, Carolyn Dorothy to her conventional sister tug, Alta June. The tugs were working in the same harbor and had identical operational profiles. Summarized below are the results of the study:

  • 73% reduction in Particulate Matter
  • 51% reduction in Nitrous Oxide
  • 27% reduction in Carbon Dioxide (proxy for fuel)

Click here for the full CARB study (PDF).


Here are some of the testimonials about our XeroPoint Hybrid projects:

The retrofit of the RT Adriaan with AKA’s XeroPoint Hybrid technology is a great example of Kotug’s commitment to environmental sustainability. We have an active Go Green company policy to encourage a healthier workplace and lifestyle for our employees. We see sustainability and innovation as a challenge and now with the claim to Europe’s First Hybrid Rotor®Tug, Kotug continues to build its reputation as an innovative player in the marine industry.

We were presented with several different hybrid marine propulsion systems when we began to explore this project and it was clear that AKA’s XeroPoint Hybrid system stood out from the crowd. Not only is the XeroPoint Hybrid system a patented technology, it has a proven track record to back it up. AKA’s hybrid design team had the experience and knowledge to develop a hybrid system that was customized specifically for the operational profile of the RT Adriaan. With many suitors in the hybrid marketplace we are delighted to have chosen AKA as our system provider and look forward to exploring additional projects with them in the future.

- Daan Merkelback, Nautical & QHSE Manager, Kotug International

At Foss, we have a ‘zero trace’ corporate goal and a commitment to give our customers the highest level of service. Making use of cost-effective hybrid technology is an important part of our strategy as it allows us to use best-in-class, advanced technology to serve our customers and manage our expenses over the long term while safeguarding the environment at the same time. We have an unprecedented opportunity to transition harbor tugs around the world to vessels that deliver cleaner air and greater fuel efficiency. 

- Susan Haymann, VP of Environmental and Governmental Affairs, Foss Maritime

In reference to the Carolyn Dorothy hybrid build:

My deepest gratitude goes to all the people who made this project  possible.  Applause for the hard work and thank you for your help in keeping this state green.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California

This intensive testing has demonstrated that hybrid technology holds great promise for tug boats and potentially other vessels operating in our ports. Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’re very pleased that the Carolyn Dorothy is going to be joined in San Pedro Bay by a second hybrid in mid-2011 that will represent another step forward in the evolution of hybrid technology.

- Bob Fletcher, Deputy Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board

With intensive testing, we demonstrated that the hybrid technology in use on the first hybrid tug was very effective in reducing emissions. We are very pleased that the Carolyn Dorothy will soon be joined in San Pedro Bay by a second hybrid using the same proven technology. Use of these proven hybrid technologies brings us one step closer to achieving our longer term goals for a zero emission freight transportation system.

 - Richard Corey, Deputy Executive Officer, California Air Resources Board