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Smart Microgrid

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Smart Microgrid

AKA’s Smart Microgrid is a cost effective ‘grid-connectable’ drop-in-place solution that can be easily added to an existing installation. It provides seamless ride through of grid faults, improved reliability and performance to an installation’s processes while providing return on investment opportunities to the installation owner through reduced cost for renewables as well as other revenue benefits.

AKA’s Smart Microgrid provides back up power generation, grid support and can include energy storage options to suite an installation’s needs.



  • A power and control infrastructure providing protection to personnel, the generator, and the grid when running the stand-by generator in parallel with the grid.


  • Multiple Smart Microgrid systems can function as a single system using a patented technique for sensing the health of adjacent Smart Microgrid systems.


  • Multiple energy storage options for a variety of renewable energy sources.

Improved Return on Investment

  • Reduced installation costs for renewable energy sources;
  • Peak shaving of local loads to reduce the power bill during periods when energy rates are high; and
  • An alternate revenue stream through utilization of power generation, on call peak shaving, kVAR production to the grid.

Enhanced Performance

  • A non-spinning reserve back-up power source with bumpless transition to island mode of operation;
  • Autonomous peak shaving in response to loss of generation capacity or a rapid and unpredicted rise in kW or kVAR loads;
  • Bridging of peak loading while alternative power sources are started; and
  • Offsetting variability issues associated with renewable energy sources.

Increased Reliability

  • Temporarily bridging local peak demands that are in excess of the grid connection capacity;
  • Facilitating utility access to energy storage to ride through peaks that exceed the rotating reserve of the connected generating capacity - can act as part of a distributed peaker plant; and
  • Seamless ride through of the local network in the event of a total loss of the grid preventing risk and losses due to interruption in process.

The result is that AKA’s Smart Microgrid reduces the stress on the installation’s infrastructure; increasing the life cycle of the facilities equipment while reducing maintenance costs. It delivers consistent reliable clean AC power with built-in power conditioning assuring the installations process can run without interruption independent of grid conditions. Through utilization of power generation to the grid AKA’s Microgrid facilitates an alternate revenue stream for the asset owner.

AKA’s Smart Microgrid provides economic benefits while improving the reliability and performance of an installation’s processes.