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The XeroPoint Advantage

XeroPoint Hybrid Marine Propulsion

The XeroPoint Advantage

Improved Fuel Economy

The XeroPoint Hybrid system load shares propulsion requirements between diesel and electrical sources, which eliminates the unnecessary idling of the diesel main engines. Incorporating electrical storage in the form of batteries allows the hybrid system to meet hotel and station keeping demands without running diesels. Smaller auxiliary engines for propulsion also improve cruising speed efficiency. 


Maintenance Savings

The hybrid system configures the power plant to minimize the running of diesel and auxiliary engines without compromising power and propulsion performance. This directly corresponds to increased time between engine overhauls as well as reduced oil and filter changes.


Increased Redundancy

Flexible system design allows the hybrid system to supply the propulsive demands to the shaft line through multiple system configurations. Therefore, should a mechanical or electrical failure occur, the vessel has alternative methods for propulsion and power.


Healthy & Quiet Engine Room

The hybrid system allows the shutdown of main diesel engines while at sea, without sacrificing operational readiness, as the vessel is fully operable on battery power alone at low power levels. Reduced engine running decreases noise and emissions, helping to create a favorable environment.