Jason Aspin

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Aspin is responsible for driving corporate engineering strategy and business development. Jason is a graduate in marine engineering from the Canadian Coast Guard College with specializations in power engineering and systems integration. Co-founder of AKA, he has over twenty years of progressive experience in systems engineering in the Marine, Offshore Petroleum and Industrial environments. As an innovator and design engineer dedicates a considerable amount of his time to designing solutions which solve real industry problems and are both socially and environmentally responsible.


Jason has travelled the world for AKA, providing corporate and technical leadership, engineering, project management and technical support/expertise in the execution, design, development, implementation, commissioning and ongoing support of AKA business and system deliveries.
Jason has played a lead role corporately in the development of many technologies that AKA has founded its business on and that have been instrumental in guiding and advancing the marine industry in the areas of power generation and propulsion systems.