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The following brochures and information sheets highlight many of our products and services:

AKA Product Brochure

Aspin Kemp & Associates is a leader in power and propulsion technology. AKA offers a full spectrum of integrated products and services including; systems integration, new product development, engineering, manufacturing, testing, installation, commissioning, life cycle support, field services, integrated documentation and training.

AKA Product Brochure

AKA Corporate Overview

Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) is a Canadian engineering and manufacturing company providing innovative power and control systems to marine and onshore industries.
AKA Corporate Overview

AKA High Reliability Power Plant

Aspin Kemp & Associates’ (AKA) high reliability power plant is the world’s first DNV certified system to operate in DP3 closed bus configuration. Our technologies improve efficiency in offshore drilling with verified fuel savings over 50%.

AKA High Reliability Power Plant

AKA Technical Services

From engineering design and consulting to commissioning and field service, AKA stands with you. We are here to support the continued success of your installations.

AKA Technical Services

AKA Current and Past Projects

An overview of some of our current and past AKA projects.

AKA Current & Past Projects

XeroPoint Hybrid Projects


An overview of some of our current and past hybrid projects


Xeropoint Hybrid Projects

Advanced Generator Protection

The first of its kind in the World, Advanced Generator Protection (AGP) system is a paradigm shift in the way power plants operate and are protected.

Advanced Generator Protection

AKA Micro Grid

AKA uses Active Front End (AFE) technology at the grid connection and our systems can be provided with a range of energy storage mediums from chemical to solid state depending on the application.

AKA Smart Micro Grid

AKA Rig Vessel Profile

Since 2006, AKA has retrofited over 30 drill ships/rigs to the closed bus operation system. In 2011, AKA has demonstrated the DP3 short circuit test on a real vessel - an ultra deepwater drill ship, and became the first company and the only company that has the ability to deliver DNV DP3 closed bus operation systems.

AKA Rig Vessel Profile

DP Closed Bus/Ring Solutions

AKA is the world leader in the delivery and development of DP closed bus/ring system. AKA was the first company to successfully carry out live short circuit testing on DP3 vessels with a successful and predictable outcome.

AKA DP Closed Bus/Ring

AKA Hybrid Drillfloor

In 2015, the world’s 1st Hybrid Drillflloor System was deployed by Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) on the Deepwater Thalassa; one of five Ultra-Deepwater Drill Ship’s ordered by Transocean. Since then, 3 vessels have been delivered and are working far beyond the owner’s expectations.

AKA Hybrid Drillfloor

XeroPoint Hybrid Vessel Profile

AKA’s XeroPoint hybrid system is proven to reduce emissions, improve fuel economy and enhance operational performance.

XeroPoint Hybrid Vessel Profile Cover

XeroPoint Hybrid Marine Power

What makes XeroPoint Hybrid right for your operation?  

Hybrid Brochure Cover Image

XeroPoint Hybrid Leisure & Yacht

As the marine industry strives to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and meet emerging environmental standards, hybrid propulsion technologies are getting a closer look from vessel operators around the world. 


Hybrid Leisure & Yacht

AKA Documentation

Documentation is an integral part of Aspin Kemp & Associates’ (AKA) products and processes. You will find great value in our documentation products.

AKA Documentation Info Sheet

deviceTRAK Provides The Protection You Need

deviceTRAK is a unique configuration management software application that archives and protects system-specific configurations for programmable devices. 


Pre-Magnetization System

AKA's Pre-Magnetization System, protect your transformers from inrush currents. 

Pre-Magnetization System

Omni-Block Power: Integrated UPS System

Clarifies the benefits and features that separate AKA's Uninterruptible Power Supply from other conventional UPS systems.

Omni-Block Power: Integrated UPS System Cover Image

HAER - Hazardous Area Equipment Register

AKA conducts surveys to develop a Hazardous Area Equipment Register (HAER) for all electrical equipment located in hazardous areas.

HAER -Hazardous Area Equipment Brochure