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Our People

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Our People

Aspin Kemp & Associates (AKA) is proud of the expertise, commitment and ingenuity of our personnel. Our engineering team encompasses a wide variety of skill sets and consistently demonstrates an impressive depth of knowledge in the innovations and services it offers our world-wide client base. Our documentation team provides the foundation for our comprehensive information management operations. Our manufacturing group guarantees quality components and timely delivery. Our administration and managerial support team efficiently manages the commercial and logistical aspects of the company. Our highly skilled and motivated people make it possible for us to successfully complete simultaneous multi-million dollar projects around the world, delivering to our clients the precise products and services they require.


Jason Aspin

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Aspin is responsible for driving corporate engineering strategy and business development. Jason is a graduate in marine engineering from the Canadian Coast Guard College with specializations in power engineering and systems integration. Co-founder of AKA, he has over twenty years of progressive experience in systems engineering in the Marine, Offshore Petroleum and Industrial environments. As an innovator and design engineer dedicates a considerable amount of his time to designing solutions which solve real industry problems and are both socially and environmentally responsible.


Neale Kemp

Founding Partner

Fascinated by the power of well-executed graphic and text design, Neale Kemp has concentrated his expertise in print communication and training on creating within AKA the ability to generate high level operation manuals for use in the marine and offshore industrial environments. His commitment to delivering meticulously structured, beautifully designed, thoroughly cross-referenced, and easily readable instructional materials has garnered AKA recognition for the superior quality of its technical documentation.


Chunying Li

Director of Operations

Chunying is a registered professional engineer with both electrical and mechanical degrees. She is specialized in both automation and controls. Chunying joined AKA in late 2006 as a field engineer and has been active as a leader in many projects and business initiatives. As part of the management of AKA, Chunying has provided leadership and direction to all levels of personnel. She has mentored AKA through improved quality processes and manufacturing practices.